Church Security

Church Security (No Range Time)

Contact me for details on this class, as it will be typically built for your congregation.


I come from a family of preachers and my faith is at the foundation of everything I do.  The ideas found in the Bible of a battle between good and evil and the strong defending and caring for the weak were what pushed me to start Cornerstone Performance.

But how do we integrate armed security into our worship services?  How to we arm the strong to protect the weak without distracting the whole flock from their worship?  How do we make sure the protectors remain vigilant, but are still encouraged and fed during worship? 


We can talk about carrying guns, do a site survey, and teach your security team the concepts and principles of tactics and safety, and we will do all of that.  But I firmly believe that it isn’t spiritually healthy to focus so much on physical security that we lose sight of the purpose for coming together – To encourage each other and to glorify and worship our Creator.


If your church has members who carry during worship but you don’t have a formal plan on roles and responsibilities during a crisis event, if you don’t have a plan, please reach out to me.


This course is typically organized as a training session at your location with the security team / church leadership.  I’ve also done training sessions with the entire congregation, focused on the bodies response to a crisis event and what they can do to keep themselves safe.  Depending on your location we can add a day of training on the range as well.

Church Security (Range Time)

This 8 hour class is often combined with our on-site church security training.

You do not have to be an expert marksman to attend this course but it is not for beginners.  Contact me if you have any questions about if this class is suitable for you or your group.

For this class we’ll focus entirely on fine tuning the skills that might be needed by someone services as armed security for their church or school.

-Handgun and holster selection for concealed carry

-Drawing from concealment

-Safe gun handling in crowded areas

-Moving safely with a handgun

-Extreme accuracy under stress

-Target discrimination

-Shooting around barricades / unorthodox positions

Round Count: 300 Rounds

Cost: $175

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