Pistol Classes

4 Hour Pistol Introduction

This 4 hour course covers all of the basics.  It’s a relaxed, stress free, half day of shooting that can be scheduled as a mixed or ladies-only course.

If you’re new to firearms and just want to be comfortable with them, this is the class for you.  

We’ll talk about how handguns function, how to safely load and unload them, and the basics of handgun marksmanship. 

This class will prepare you to successfully complete the shooting qualification for the Texas LTC course, which can be incorporated into the class at no additional charge.  The classroom portion of the Texas LTC can be completed online, just click on the “On-Line Training” link at the top of this page.

I often teach this as a ladies-only class.  Let me know if you’d like to schedule one.  

Handguns and ammunition can be furnished for a small fee, contact me for details.

Round Count: 200 Rounds


Handgun Foundations

If you’re already comfortable and safe with handguns, but have never had any formal handgun training, this 8 hour class is for you.

This class will give you the concepts you need to quickly and efficiently draw from the holster, reload, and clear malfunctions.

You may not leave this class doing everything perfectly yet, but my goal is for you to have the foundation laid to build yourself into a well rounded shooter.  We’ll cover all of the weapon handling techniques you’ll need to know to be a proficient shooter.  You can bring a concealed or open carry holster for this class, we’ll cover how to draw from either.

We’re going to spend a lot of time on building the skills needed for raw accuracy and those skills will be incorporated into every drill.  The concepts needed to accurately fire a handgun are not complicated, but there are very specific techniques you can use to maximize your potential.  In this class I’ll give you all the tips and tricks I’ve picked up after teaching hundreds of cadets to shoot.

This class will more than prepare you to successfully complete the shooting qualification for the Texas LTC Course, which can be incorporated into the class at no additional charge.  The classroom portion of the Texas LTC can be completed online, just click on the “On-Line Training” link at the top of this page.

Round Count: 350

Cost $175

Pistol Mounted Optics

This 8 hour class is specifically designed around pistols equipped with Miniature Red Dot Sights (MRDS). 

You do not need any prior experience with an MRDS to take this class.

All of the drills are designed to be scaleable so that shooters without much MRDS experience can keep up, but more experienced shooters will also be challenged and can fine tune their MRDS specific skills.


This class is broken up into four sections:

1 – The optic itself….  Optic selection, zeroing, installation, battery and maintenance issues, etc.

2 – Finding the dot…. From ready positions, from the holster, during positions, and tracking the dot during recoil.

3 – Mitigating the weaknesses…. Battery failures, window obstructions, etc.

4 – Exploiting the strengths…. How can we take advantage of the optic to make us stronger shooters?


This class IS NOT a basic shooting class for MRDS equipped pistols.  Every drill has been designed specifically round the optic.


Round Count: 400

Cost: $175

Progressive Pistol Concepts

This is one of my favorite classes to teach.  

I combined all of my favorite drills that have been the most useful to me into one 8 hour class and have been slowly refining it as my shooting has developed.

This class is all about the ability to adjust your trigger control and vision to the difficulty of the target.  We’ll work on individual targets of varying difficulty, then managing recoil for multiple shots, and target transitions.  The class ends with a steel challenge style mini-stage with a mix of paper and steel targets spread across the bay to incorporate all of the skills we’ve worked on during the day.  

This class will hold you to a very high accuracy standard, but equip you with the tools to succeed.

This class does not spend any time teaching how to draw, reload, or clear malfunctions.  If you are not already proficient in weapon handling, my Pistol Foundations class would be ideal for you.

Round Count: 400

Cost: $175


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