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Cornerstone-Synergy 2 Gun Collaboration


Class Description

This is a one of a kind opportunity to train with both Tyler Tharp of Synergy Training Group and Eric Wise of Cornerstone Performance at one time.

Tyler will be teaching his flagship course Functional Pistol in a one day, action packed, format.  This class is perfect for anyone utilizing a pistol in an occupational, defensive, or recreational role.  With Synergy’s holistic approach to all things shooting, this course will teach you the path to success with all of your pistol applications.

Course Objectives Include…

  • Efficient Mechanics
  • Optimizing the Draw and Grip
  • Shooting on the move
  • Precision & Speed Challenges
  • And More!

You can learn more about Tyler and his approach to instruction at Synergy Shooting.

Cornerstone Performance will be teaching their Practical Magnification course.  This course is designed to help you get the most performance out of the magnified optic on your semi-auto rifle. We’ll address longer range shooting, but the class will be focused on the practical application of aggressive shooting on small or obscured targets within 200 yards in a patrol – defensive situation.

In this class we’ll cover…

  • Zeroing – Best practices for getting a proper zero and a discussion on the pros and cons of zeroing at different distances.
  • Mitigating weaknesses – Obstructed lenses and shooting from unorthodox positions.  We will do a LOT of positional shooting in this class.
  • Exploiting strengths – Since we can see better with an LPVO we can probably make better hits, but only if we can build a proper shooting position.
  • Target discrimination – We may be able to hit things at greater distances, but we need to be able to hit the RIGHT thing.
  • Range estimation and wind calling – When it matters and rules to live by.

Both classes will be held at Texas Shooting Academy in Florence, TX.


Required Gear:
Eye and hearing protection
Drinks and snacks (we will NOT be able to leave the range for lunch)
Clothing and footwear appropriate for a long day outdoors

Reliable handgun with a holster designed specifically for your weapon.
3 pistol magazines
300 rounds pistol ammo

Semi-Auto rifle (the course is designed around the AR15 platform)
Magnified optic (ACOG / Red Dot Magnifier / LPVO)
Rifle sling
3-30 round rifle magazines
300 rounds of rifle ammo
Optional-Kneepads for positional shooting, a shooting mat for zeroing while prone, and a bipod or backpack to assist with zeroing.


Class Details

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