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Handgun Foundations


If you’re already comfortable and safe with handguns, but have never had any formal handgun training, this 8 hour class is for you.


Class Description

This class is a very unique opportunity in firearms training.  The instructors for this class will be finishing a week long Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor course and will be teaching the techniques and drills they’ve mastered throughout the week.  Because of the way this class is structured you will receive a LOT of hands on instruction and assistance.  I expect there to be an instructor available for every two students in the class.

You may not leave this class doing everything perfectly yet, but my goal is for you to have the foundation laid to build yourself into a well rounded shooter.  We’ll cover all of the weapon handling techniques you’ll need to know to be a proficient shooter.  You can bring a concealed or open carry holster for this class, we’ll cover how to draw from either.

We’re going to spend a lot of time on building the skills needed for raw accuracy and those skills will be incorporated into every drill.  The concepts needed to accurately fire a handgun are not complicated, but there are very specific techniques you can use to maximize your potential.  In this class you’ll receive all the tips and tricks I’ve found to be most useful after thousands of hours of instruction to novice and experienced shooters.

This class will more than prepare you to successfully complete the shooting qualification for the Texas LTC Course, which can be incorporated into the class at no additional charge.  The classroom portion of the Texas LTC can be completed online, just click on the “On-Line Training” link at the top of this page.

Class Details

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