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MRDS Instructor

This goal of this course is not just to learn to run a line of shooters.  

You’ll learn all of the behind the scenes information on why the Pistol Mounted Optics Course contains the drills that it does, why they’re structured the way they are, and the most common problems your students will encounter during the course.

Class Description

Unlike other MRDS instructor courses on the market this three day course is built entirely around the optic equipped pistol.  This is not a basic pistol course and students should be accomplished shooters before attending.  Students will be expected to do more than just run the line and act as line safety officers.  Everyone will have to teach back and demonstrate proficiency in the drills.  This is an instructor level course.

This course contains a large amount of  instructor development from our 40 Hour Firearms Instructor course.

Round Count: 1000 Rounds

Class Details

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