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This 8 hour class is specifically designed around pistols equipped with Miniature Red Dot Sights (MRDS).

You do not need any prior experience with an MRDS to take this class.

Class Description

All of the drills are designed to be scaleable so that shooters without much MRDS experience can keep up, but more experienced shooters will also be challenged and can fine tune their MRDS specific skills.

This class is broken up into four sections:

1 – The optic itself….  Optic selection, zeroing, installation, battery and maintenance issues, etc.

2 – Finding the dot…. From ready positions, from the holster, during positions, and tracking the dot during recoil.

3 – Mitigating the weaknesses…. Battery failures, window obstructions, etc.

4 – Exploiting the strengths…. How can we take advantage of the optic to make us stronger shooters?


This class IS NOT a basic shooting class for MRDS equipped pistols.  Every drill has been designed specifically round the optic.

Round Count: 400

Class Details

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